How To Travel Hack Las Vegas With Your American Express Canada Platinum Card

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During my recent Vegas trip, my American Express Canada Platinum card gave me a number of benefits thanks to some clever travel hacking. In this post I want to highlight how you can get these perks at Caesars properties in Las Vegas, (and the rest of Caesars properties across North America), with your American Express Canada Platinum Card!

Here are the most notable perks. For a complete list, visit the Total Rewards benefits page and look at the “Diamond” column. I’m going to show you how to get Diamond status with Total Rewards, step by step below.

I’ll Show You How to Get These Las Vegas Benefits Below!

BenefitUSD CostCAD Cost (as of 2019-01-15)
$100 USD dining credit at Caesars properties. Can be used towards food or alcohol.$100.00$132.62
2 free show tickets at Caesars properties (awarded monthly). Music, theatre, comedy, there's a show for everyone! Cost is approximate for one month.$110.00$145.89
No resort fees if you stay at a Caesars properties. (Cost based on a 3-night stay with a daily resort fee of $44. Check with the hotel at the time of booking to confirm).$132.00$175.07

That’s potentially over $450 CAD in savings for your Las Vegas vacation, just by being an American Express Canada Platinum cardmember and filling out a few forms!

For those intermediate/advanced Canadian travel hackers who already understand how to travel hack. here’s the abbreviated version of what to do:

  1. Status match your Marriott Gold Elite Status with Wyndham Rewards to get Diamond status.
  2. Status match your Wyndham Rewards Diamond status to Total Rewards to get Diamond status.

For those new to travel hacking, no worries, here is the step-by-step guide on how you can get these exciting Vegas perks!

How To Travel Hack Las Vegas With Your American Express Canada Platinum Card

Q: Do you have an American Express Canada Platinum Card?

Yes: Great! You’re well on your way to travel hacking the world. Keep reading.
No: This article is based upon the perks of having an American Express Canada Platinum Card. Maybe you’d like to apply for one now? Or read our review to learn more.

Q: Do you have Marriott or Starwood (SPG) “Gold Elite” status?

Yes: Great, go to Step 2!

No: If you have an American Express Canada Platinum Card, good news, you probably already have Marriott Gold Elite status, you just need to activate it!
Step 1:

  1. Call American Express Platinum Services (1-800-243-0198) and tell the phone rep you’d like to set up a Marriott Rewards account to get Gold Elite status.
  2. They might also ask you if you’d like to enroll in the hotel loyalty programs for Hilton Honors, Radisson Rewards and the Shangri-La. I’d recommend joining them as you’ll get extra perks at those hotels as well, and it’s free to signup!
  3. Go to Step 2.

Step 2: From your Marriott Rewards account dashboard, take a screenshot showing your “Gold Elite” status. Save the photo in a place you’ll remember. You’ll need to upload it later. Also, have your Marriott Rewards membership number ready for the next step.

Q: Do you have Diamond status with Wyndham Rewards?

Yes: Great, carry on to Step 4!

No: I’ll show you how to get it with Step 3:

Step 3: With your Marriott Gold Elite status, you can use a common travel hacking technique called “status matching”. Some hotels (and even airlines, and other travel companies) will match your existing loyalty program status with their competitors. Pretty neat right? That means you can get the same kind of perks (ie room upgrades, late checkout, discounted room rates) you’re used to at other hotels too! First, go create your free Wyndham Rewards account and come back here afterwards:

Step 4: With your Marriott Rewards account dashboard screenshot and your membership number ready, log in to Wyndham Rewards and go to the Wyndham Status Match page.

  1. From the “”Loyalty Program”” dropdown menu > Choose “Marriott Rewards”
  2. In the “Member Status in Selected Program” text field, type “Marriott Gold Elite”
  3. Upload the photo/screenshot you took of your Marriott Rewards dashboard showing you have Gold Elite status.
  4. Wyndham Rewards will email you within 3-5 business days confirming your status match from Marriott to Wyndham is complete. At this point, you should now have Diamond status with Wyndham Rewards and can carry on to the next step!

Q: Do you have a Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards account?

Yes: Great, then go to Step 6!

No: Let’s create an account in Step 5.

Step 5: Go create your free Total Rewards account and come back here afterwards.

Step 6: Login to your Total Rewards account and with your Wyndham Rewards membership number ready, go to the Total Rewards status match page and enter it.

That’s it! Congratulations! It may take up to 3 days, but you should now have Diamond status with Total Rewards!

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How do I Redeem my Total Rewards Benefits?

You can go to any Total Rewards center at Ceasars Properties to redeem your rewards! Just give them your photo ID and they will print you off your new Diamond membership card and give you your $100 USD dining credit to be used at Caesars properties (just present it to your server before your meal), as well as a voucher for 2 free monthly show tickets. You can bring these to the box office. And if you’re staying at a Caesars property, make sure to give them your Diamond membership card upon booking, or at check-in, so they know not to charge you resort fees.

Can I access Diamond Lounges with Total Rewards Diamond Status, via status matching?

Diamond Lounges are for Total Rewards Diamond members who have achieved a minimum of 25,000 Tier Credits. These can be earned by gambling, or spending money on Caesars properties. Unfortunately, with this status matching opportunity, you’ll only receive the base requirement for Diamond status of 15,000 tier credits. If you are really set on getting into the lounge though, at least you’ll have a huge headstart!

Tips for Success

  • Once you status match your Marriott Gold Elite with Wyndham Rewards, you’ll have Wyndham Diamond status for 90 days, unless you stay 14 nights at Wyndham properties during that timeframe. In that case, you’ll have Diamond status for the whole year. You’ll need to make sure you status match your Wyndham Diamond status with Total Rewards right away while you still have status if you’re looking to redeem these perks on an upcoming trip.
  • Plan in advance and do the above steps 1-2 weeks before your Las Vegas trip to ensure everything goes smoothly. Good luck!

Bonus: Hurry and Get a Complimentary Stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas!

Ok, I left this one to the end just to see if you’re paying attention. This one you’ll need to move really quick on. Diamond members with Total Rewards also get a complimentary 4-night stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas! But you’ll have to move REALLY quick. That means you’ll have to complete the steps above, AND take your Bahamas vacation before January 31, 2019. Think you can do it? Read my post on how to get a complimentary stay in the Bahamas for more details!

Let us know in the comments below how you enjoyed these Vegas benefits!

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