How To Travel Hack Las Vegas on Points

How To Travel Hack Las Vegas on Points


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Follow Britt from PointsWise as she shows Canadians how to travel hack Las Vegas using points!

You’ll get an inside look at how to use the American Express Platinum Card Canada for flights, hotels, lounges, and food, plus stay tuned for some fun Vegas adventures!

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More Las Vegas Travel Hacking Articles Are On Their Way!

I’ll be posting reviews, and all the travel hacking tips I discovered in Las Vegas here, so stay tuned! There’s so much to cover over my trip and I want to make sure I give a detailed explanation about how you can travel hack Vegas too, so keep coming back to this page because as I write the articles, I’ll be posting them here as quick as I can!

We’ll be looking mostly at how you can travel hack Vegas using your American Express Platinum Card Canada, but there are also travel hacks that anyone can use as well! Here are a few topics I’ll be covering:

  • How to book your Vegas flights on points
  • How to book your Vegas hotel rooms on points
  • How to get free food and alcohol in Vegas (without gambling, or any shenanigans)
  • How to get resort fees waived at Vegas hotels
  • How to get free Uber rides
  • How to get airport lounge access
  • and more, so stay tuned!

How To Get Cheap Airport Parking

A few days before my flight out of Seattle, I got a promotional email from Sea-Tac Airport offering a “coupon” for garage parking for $23 USD per day (normally $30 USD). Having to park there for 4 days would cost me $92 USD ($124.05 CAD) IF I would have blindly went along with that offer.

My goodness, that seemed ridiculously expensive, and garage parking isn’t a frill I’m willing to pay for, so with a quick search I ran across a website called Park Sleep Fly.

I never put much thought into airport parking on previous trips. Generally I would get dropped off, or just accepted the fact that there were probably limited options. However, a whole new world opened up when I discovered Park Sleep Fly where you can get detailed reviews of all the parking lots in and near the airport! Talk about a rabbit hole. I never considered how much there was to airport parking lots until reading some of the reviews.

And I was quite surprised to find parking rates were a lot cheaper on Park Sleep Fly and with plenty of options. Like a lot. With a busy trip ahead of me, I wanted to book the parking ahead of time so there was one less thing to worry about, and I’m sure glad I did!

Park Sleep Fly offers maps, distance from the airport, and key features for each parking lot like whether or not there is a shuttle to the airport and when it runs (very important to note!)

If you’re looking to pre-book your airport parking, just signup for a Park Sleep Fly account and use promo code NEWBIE on your first booking and you’ll save $5!

I chose Extra Car Airport Parking – SEA Airport for just $5.65 USD a day. That’s quite a significant savings compared to the $23 USD I originally anticipated. I chose that parking lot because it was the cheapest, closest, had a 24/7 airport shuttle, and had excellent reviews.

I hope Terra the Xterra (my SUV) will have a happy home and be safe and sound during my trip. According to other reviewers, she should be in good company.

Oh, and as a fun side note, when I completed my parking reservation, I was prompted with a promotional offer for a $50 credit for HelloFresh, a healthy meal prep delivery service, which was an unexpected perk, and something that will be much needed on my return from Vegas. According to HelloFresh, they deliver to 95% of Canada!

If you reserve your airport parking through Park Sleep Fly, you might receive the same $50 offer. Otherwise, signup for Hello Fresh through our link and get a $40 credit!

How to Get a Good Seat When Checking Into Your Flight

I like to be prepared as possible and make it a priority to get an emergency row seat if I’m flying economy. I’d rather be in the middle of the plane with some extra leg room, so as luck would have it, I was able to score an emergency row window seat without any additional fees! In past flights, I’ve been able to get that same seat several times before with a little luck and planning.

Some lower cost carriers will charge for the perk of the extra leg room in the emergency row, but thankfully Alaska Airlines does not!

Here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking to score that emergency row window seat:

Make sure you have the Alaska Airlines app (or whatever airline you’re flying) downloaded on your phone a couple days before your flight and give yourself some time to make sure you have the right login info already entered, as well as your booking reference number handy.

Make sure to note on your flight when the earliest time you can check in online, generally that’s 24 hours before your flight, down to the minute.

So at least 5-10 minutes before the earliest time you can check in, you should already be logged into the app with the booking reference number copied on your clipboard in case you need to re-enter it.

I like to input as much information as I can beforehand (passenger name, booking number etc) and keep clicking the button in the app to check in about a minute before.

You need to be as quick as possible to get through the check in process and choose your seats, because keep in mind, chances are everyone else on that flight is doing the same thing. The faster and more prepared you are, the better chance of getting the seat you want. If you’re familiar with the pressure to buy tickets on Ticketmaster as soon as they go onsale, I’d compare it to that.

I had the option to upgrade to a premium seat at the front of the plane for $49 USD, but didn’t see the value in it for a short 2.5 hour flight, although it’s something I would consider on a longer flight. Premium seats include:

  • Free drinks
  • Boarding first
  • Extra 4” of leg room
  • $49 USD

Check out our review of the Alaska Airlines Premium Economy flight to Hawaii.

I can’t stress the importance of being logged in online or on the app and having your flight info ready ahead of time. When I logged in to check the seat selection on my flight just 20 minutes later, the other emergency row window seats had already been taken. It pays to be quick!

January 2 (Pre-Trip Update)

  • My Flight Details:
  • Carrier: Alaska Airlines
  • Plane Type: Boeing 737-900
  • Duration: 2hrs 31min
  • Distance: 866 miles
  • Stops: Nonstop
  • Cabin: Coach/Economy
  • My Seat: 17F
  • Seating Chart

Hey everyone! It’s certainly been a while since our last post and lots has changed at PointsWise! I’d like to thank Tyler for all of his hard work with creating the majority of the travel hacking content for PointsWise, and wish him continued success with his return to the social work field!

My name’s Britt, and I’ve been involved with the behind the scenes stuff at PointsWise previously (website development, graphic design, SEO), but now I invite you to follow me along on my first travel hacking adventure as I take on Las Vegas this weekend, January 5 – 8!

I’ll be honest, it’s taken me awhile to get up to speed. Travel hacking is certainly a puzzle, although a rewarding one, and now I finally feel ready to share my experiences with you all, while still maintaining the website and publishing new content. It’s a lot, but I’m up for the challenge and am going to do my best on this trip to show you a detailed breakdown of how I used my points for flights and hotels, and give you all a look at the lounges, hotels, and fun Vegas adventures I’ll be up to!

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a trip as I showcase three different hotels in three different nights, and attend two conferences for work. But my ultimate goal is to teach you Canadian travelers how you can travel hack Las Vegas on points using your American Express Platinum Card!

Las Vegas isn’t traditionally a very friendly place to use points, but prices in Vegas are crazy this week, and the exchange rate isn’t helping either, so this will really be a great opportunity to avoid paying those crazy prices and use points instead for some huge savings. I’m not going to show you how to travel for free. I’m going to show you how to travel better for less.

I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of the same travel hacking loopholes on your next Vegas trip! So follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and

Viva Las Vegas and thank you for your continued support!


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