How To Get a 4 Night Complimentary Stay in the Bahamas with your American Express Platinum Card

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Post Updated 2019-03-04: Good news! This deal has been extended and is now valid until January 2020!

Why not treat you and your loved one to a surprise vacation a the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in the Bahamas!

This trip must be taken by January 31, 2020, so start planning now to take advantage of this American Express Platinum travel hacking loophole, reported here first, by PointsWise!

The Offer: A 4 Night Complimentary Stay at Atlantis, Bahamas

  • Complimentary 4-night stay in the Beach Tower, including hotel room taxes
  • Up to 2 additional nights at a Special Casino Rate of $65/night; plus taxes & fees
  • $100 Free Slot Play
  • Atlantis Casino Experience Pass
  • Access to Aquaventure, a one-of-a-kind 141-acre waterscape with 20 swimming areas and 11 pools

See the details of this offer here.

Visit the Atlantis Paradise Island website to learn more about the resort.

This offer does NOT include your flights! However, if you sign up for an American Express Platinum card, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of 50,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.  That’s almost enough points for your two roundtrip tickets to the Bahamas!

This is a promotion from Wyndham and Total Rewards to match your status. Your Diamond status will only be active until January 31, 2020, unless you re-qualify by earning 15,000 tier credits, so this trip must be redeemed by that date, as well as any other Diamond benefits. So if you plan to do this trip, start the process to gain your loyalty status with Total Rewards NOW (as outlined below)!

American Express Platinum Canada

American Express Platinum Card®

Apply Now!

American Express Platinum Canada Cardholders, This Is For You!

So how do you get this offer simply by being an American Express Platinum cardholder in Canada? I thought you’d never ask.

You’ll simply need to match your loyalty status in a few easy steps. I’ll explain step-by-step below. This whole process took me a total of half an hour to fill out a few forms, and a few days wait time for my loyalty accounts to be linked. I’d say that’s an exceptionally good use of time and beats trying to work your way up to Diamond status the hard way.

Step 1: Apply for an American Express Platinum Card

You’ll need an American Express Platinum card for this travel hacking loophole. I consider this card to be Canada’s premier travel rewards card, and this trick is just one reason why.

If you’re already an Amex Platinum cardholder, then that’s great, carry on with the next steps!

There is a $699 annual, however, if you are a frequent traveller, you’ll soon see why this card will change the way you travel. Some notable benefits include:

  • 50,000 welcome bonus points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months of card ownership.
  • $200 annual travel credit.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Lounge access at airports worldwide including American Express Centurion lounges and anywhere PriorityPass affiliated lounges are.
  • Gold Elite status with Marriott hotels.
  • Access to book hotels via American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts where you can get elite benefits at luxury hotels like breakfast in bed, property credits, and late checkout.

There are a lot of hidden gem (unpublished) benefits with this card, the 4-night complimentary stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas being one of many.

Check out our Card review, and all the travel benefits available with the American Express Platinum Card Canada.

Step 2: Create Your Marriott Bonvoy Account

Marriott Bonvoy is Marriott’s hotel loyalty program. You’ll need to create your Marriott Bonvoy account if you don’t have one already.

Marriott Bonvoy is a “frequent travel partner” with American Express, which means points you earn on your Amex card can be transferred to Marriott Bonvoy so you can pay for hotels with points!

Marriott Bonvoy has 6 loyalty tiers:

  • Member Status: Stay 0-9 nights in a year
  • Silver Elite: Stay 10+ nights in a year
  • Gold Elite: Stay 25+ nights in a year
  • Platinum Elite: Stay 50+ nights in a year
  • Platinum Premier Elite: Stay 75+ nights in a year
  • Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador: Stay 100 nights in a year and have a $20K annual qualifying spend

Notable benefits with Marriott Gold Elite Status include:

  • Room upgrade (subject to availability)
  • Late checkout of 2 pm

Once you’ve created your Marriott Bonvoy account, take note of your login info, including your Membership number. This can be found on your “Profile” page within your account. Click on your name in the top-right corner and you’ll see a navigation menu with a link to your “Profile”.

Now we’re going to use our Marriott Gold Elite status to fast track our way to elite loyalty status with other hotel brands.

Hotel loyalty status is a lesser-known trick for those new to travel hacking and one I will always make sure I look into before booking a hotel stay! Hotels want your loyalty, and if they see if are a loyal customer to a different brand, they will try their best to get your loyalty by offering the same benefits you’re used to.

Create Your Marriott Bonvoy Account

Step 3: Link Your American Express and Marriott Bonvoy Accounts

You’ll need to phone American Express Platinum Services (1-800-263-1616). Simply tell the representative you’d like to link your Platinum card to your Marriott account. Just let them know your Marriott Bonvoy membership number as noted in the previous step.

This step may take up to a couple of days to complete, so be patient.

Step 4: Create a Wyndham Rewards Account

Wait. You might be wondering how this is relevant? Wyndham Rewards is Hyatt’s loyalty program. They are also partnered with Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards loyalty program, which is our end game. We’ll talk more about this shortly.

For now, create your Wyndham Rewards account here. Wyndham Rewards has 4 loyalty tiers, and I’m going to show you how to easily obtain Diamond status, their top loyalty tier just long enough to take advantage of this Bahamas promotion.

  • Blue: At enrollment
  • Gold: after 5 nights
  • Platinum: after 15 nights
  • Diamond: after 40 nights

When you first create your account, you’ll be a Blue member, but we’ll change that in the next step.

Learn More About Wyndham Rewards And Signup!

Step 5: Link Your Marriott Bonvoy and Wyndham Rewards Accounts

Remember how we got Marriott Gold Elite status a few steps back? By this point, hopefully, you should see that reflected in your Marriott Bonvoy account. When you click on your name in your account dashboard you should see “Gold Elite” beside it. If not, you might need to wait a little longer for the accounts to be linked. You’ll need it to move forward.

Now we need to status match our Marriott Gold Elite status with our Wyndham Rewards account to obtain Diamond status with Wyndham!

Side note, I originally tried to match my Platinum status with Le Club Accor Hotels (Fairmont) with Wyndham Rewards and they only gave me Gold status! Yuck. When I tried again with my Marriott Gold Elite status I was rewarded with Diamond.

Some notable benefits with Wyndham Rewards Diamond status include:

  • Late checkout
  • Early check-in
  • Welcome amenity
  • Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards status match
  • Suite upgrades

Note: Because this is a limited time promo, you’ll only have Diamond status with Wyndham Rewards for 3 months, unless you re-qualify and stay 14 nights at Wyndham properties during that time.

You’ll simply need to take a screenshot of your Marriott Rewards Account showing you have Gold Elite status. Once you’ve taken a screenshot of your account, you can upload it to Wyndham Rewards here:

Status Match Marriott Gold Elite with Wyndham Rewards

Step 6: Create a Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards Account

Now you’ll need to create a Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards account. This is the account that’s going to give us the 4-night complimentary stay at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. When you first sign up, you’ll be a “Gold” member, but we’ll upgrade that to “Diamond” in the final step to follow.

Total Rewards has 4 tiers in their loyalty program:

  • Gold: 0+ tier credits
  • Platinum: 5,000+ tier credits
  • Diamond: 15,000+ tier credits
  • Seven Stars: 150,000 tier credits

You can view all of the benefits with the Total Rewards loyalty program here, and of course, sign up for your Total Rewards loyalty account!

Create Your Total Rewards Account

Step 7: Link Your Wyndham Rewards Account With Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards

The last step in the process to match our hotel loyalty status! Now that you have Diamond status with Wyndham Rewards, you can link that with your Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards account. This may take up to a couple of days. When I matched my status, I didn’t receive an email notification, I just happen to log in to my account and see my status was upgraded to Diamond, so you may want to keep on eye on it.

Link Your Wyndham Rewards Account With Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards

Step 8: Call to Book Your 4 Night Complimentary Stay at the Atlantis, Bahamas!

Once you see you have “Diamond” status in your Total Rewards account, that’s great news!

You’ll now be able to book your 4-night complimentary stay at the Atlantis, Bahamas! To learn more about this benefit, check out the Total Rewards promo page.

Just call Atlantis Casino VIP Services at 800-752-9711 and tell them you’d like to book the Diamond package to receive:

  • Complimentary 4-night stay in the Beach Tower, including hotel room taxes
  • Up to 2 additional nights at a Special Casino Rate of $65/night; plus taxes & fees
  • $100 Free Slot Play
  • Atlantis Casino Experience Pass
  • Access to Aquaventure, a one-of-a-kind 141-acre waterscape with 20 swimming areas and 11 pools

For more details of what to expect at Atlantis, check out this excellent trip report of the comped experience at the Atlantis from ‘Dem Flyers.

Get Your $100 Dining Credit for Caesars Properties

This travel hack is also useful if you plan to visit Las Vegas before January 31, 2019, because with your Total Rewards Diamond status you’ll also get a few other notable perks that can help you at the casinos including:

  • No resort fees
  • $100 USD dining credit (“celebratory dinner” for reaching Diamond status)

So if nothing else, make sure to take advantage of your free $100 dining credit to be used at Caesars properties! You can visit any Total Rewards center at Caesars Resorts to claim your prize.

Enjoy Your Bahamas Vacation!

I hope you Canadian travel hackers can take advantage of this amazing opportunity just by being an American Express Platinum Canada Cardholder! Be sure to let us know your experience with booking your comped stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas, or simply using your $100 dining credit at Caesars Entertainment properties!

American Express Platinum Canada

American Express Platinum Card®

Apply Now!

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  1. Jay December 22, 2018 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Definitely not first reported. This loophole has been floating around since start of October.

    • Brittany Menard December 28, 2018 at 12:15 pm - Reply

      Hi Jay,

      If you’re able to provide a link to the post showing American Express Platinum cardholders step by step how to go through the process of status matching I’d be happy to add a link! Just because the opportunity has been around since October doesn’t mean everyone who is eligible is aware of it. This article is intended specifically for Amex Platinum cardholders.

  2. Sarah December 22, 2018 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    I didn’t this 3 months ago and posted on my website But Wyndham only matched me to platinum for my Marriott gold. I will try again and see if they will up my status. Thanks for spreading the word on this path.

    • Brittany Menard December 28, 2018 at 12:16 pm - Reply

      Oh weird! Well that happened to me when I tried to match my Accor Platinum status, but then I was successfully matched to Wyndham Diamond when I tried again with Marriott Gold Elite status. Feel free to try again and let us know how it goes, good luck!

  3. Alex December 25, 2018 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    Is this also available for American Express Business platinum? Thanks

    • Brittany Menard December 28, 2018 at 12:15 pm - Reply

      It sure is! 🙂

  4. Abid January 16, 2019 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Hi Brittany,

    What is the link to status match with Fairmont as mentioned in your side note above?

  5. Abid February 15, 2019 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    Hey Britt,

    Thank you for this info. Really appreciate it.

    Btw, it turns out the deal gets renewed each year. It got extended to Jan 2020. FYI.

    The process is painful though. A lot of waiting game.

    • Britt February 15, 2019 at 8:07 pm - Reply

      Hi Abid,

      Glad you found it useful! And good call on the renewal, to my surprise I just saw that yesterday as well, and will be doing a post about it. That’s super exciting and unexpected. What exactly was painful? Booking the trip, or just getting Diamond status renewed?

      • Abid February 19, 2019 at 9:21 am - Reply

        Hi Britt,

        Well, I started step 1 in this post on Jan 8th, 2019. Total Rewards did not get my Diamond status until Feb. 5th, 2019 (Step 8). So, I could not book flights or hotels without knowing availability. Initially we wanted to go end of January but that did not happen because Total Rewards delayed sending their list to Atlantis but that is when I discovered that you can also book it later in the year. Also, many award availability flights were taken up by the time all was said and done. So I guess the moral of the story, patience and planning. 😛

        • Britt March 4, 2019 at 12:54 pm - Reply

          Hi Abid,

          Ahh, sorry you had so much trouble! Were you able to finally get your trip booked? And yes, planning and patience is definitely needed with travel hacking!

          Thanks for your feedback! Britt

          • Abid March 22, 2019 at 2:23 pm

            Yes, we are going next week March 29 – Apr 3 from Calgary, with 1 night stop over in Houston and 2 nights in New York on the way back.

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