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Tired of researching how to travel hack and get more out of your travel reward points, only to find that the majority strategies are for Americans? You’ve probably spent countless hours of digging through forums, blog posts, and comment sections only to get conflicting information about how to earn and redeem points to book your dream vacation.

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Enclosed Seating, First Class on Asiana Airbus A380

What’s Possible With PointsWise?

Learn how To fly first class for a fraction of the retail price

Unlock airport lounges around the world

Get elite perks from five star hotels

Learn how to earn free flights

Learn how to get free breakfast in bed at hotels

Learn how to get early check-in and late check out at hotels

Learn how to redeem travel reward points for free hotel stays

Get your customized travel rewards strategy, tailored to your travel goals

EVA Air Boeing 777 Business Class

Business Class Seat, on EVA Air Boeing 777

What is travel hacking?

Travel hacking involves using hotel, airline and credit card reward programs to travel for a fraction of the cost of retail prices, by leveraging these programs to the consumers advantage.

Four Seasons Jakarta Poolside

Relaxing Poolside, Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta

Is travel hacking legal?

PointsWise only teaches and consults on strategies that are within each program’s terms and conditions. Like any industry, there are people with questionable ethics who don’t play by the rules. We provide strategies that anyone can use and succeed at without breaking any rules!

Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt

Lufthansa First Class Airport Lounge, Frankfurt

How do you get these travel deals?

Reward programs don’t publish their program sweet spots. PointsWise has years of combined experience using rewards programs to travel in premium cabins and for stays at luxury hotels. With our experience, we hope to teach the average traveler how to do the same!

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Now Picture This…

You use your loyalty card every chance you get, and you try to put everyday purchases on your travel rewards card with the hopes of getting a deal on your next plane ticket. But there you are, stuck in economy, the same as usual, and down 30,000 credit card points that took you 3 years to save. Sound familiar? Let’s hit the reset button. It doesn’t have to be that way. You deserve better.

Now imagine driving up to the Vancouver International Airport the night before your flight. The bellman greets you. “Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Travelers, we’ve been expecting you. Welcome to the Fairmont”. He takes your bags, grabs your keys, and hits the elevator to take you to the Gold Floor of the hotel. “Enjoy your stay, we’ll bring your bags up shortly”.

Fairmont Airport Hotel, YVR, Vancouver, BC

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel Arrival

You arrive on the Gold Floor a moment later, and as you step out of the elevator, the concierge comes from behind the counter. “Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Traveler. Here is your room key, let me show you to your room. We’re serving tapas in the lounge, and would love for you to join us once you’ve settled in”.

Shortly after getting to your room, you get a knock on the door. One of the staff presents you with dessert for two, and a handwritten card from the general manager wishing you and yours a happy anniversary, and wonderful trip to celebrate in New York tomorrow.

Time to make the short walk down the hall to the Gold Floor Lounge. You pour yourself a glass of Macallan scotch, and your wife a glass of BC VQA Okanagan wine from the top shelf honour bar. You do some plane watching while indulging in a decadent buffet of west coast tapas. Prawns, smoked salmon, artisanal cheeses, and a variety of main dishes. You go back for thirds.

Fairmont Airport Gold Lounge Honour Bar

Fairmont Gold Floor Lounge Honour Bar

With a relaxing evening ahead, you decide to go for a dip in the hot tub. The hotel’s pool and hot tub overlook the hustle and bustle of the Vancouver airport terminal, a setting rarely seen at airports around the world. You can’t help but people watch and think about how you used to travel like that. Disgruntled travelers paying $25 each to check their bags, sleeping on chairs in the terminal, and eating overpriced meals at the airport food court.

You snap out of it and realize this is real. You’re celebrating your anniversary with your wife, relaxing in the hot tub, waiting to catch your first class flight to New York in the morning.

Time to head back to the room. Housekeeping has prepared your room for you. You open the door, and there’s soft jazz music playing, the lights are dimmed, curtains drawn, beds are freshly made, and there are slippers by your bedside. There’s also a bottle of champagne you intuitively got sent up for a night cap. Bedtime. You’ve got a flight to catch in the morning…

Morning comes early, but there’s no need to rush. You order breakfast in bed for both of you. It was a wonderful evening, but it’s time to pack up and experience the next part of your journey.

You check-in for your flight, head through security, and settle into the premium cabin lounge. The contemporary lounge has plenty of seating with comfy chairs, beautiful views and it’s not even close to being crowded. Although you just had breakfast in bed, you can’t help but sample the offerings. There’s a coffee station, plenty of food, and a self-serve bar. There are even private showers to freshen up before your flight.

Cathay Pacific, Airport Lounge, YVR, Vancouver, BC

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge, YVR

“Now calling first class passengers to board”. That’s you, you remind yourself. Time to go. There are no lineups, no waiting for other passengers to load their overhead luggage, no cramped economy seats. You’re in first class now. The flight attendant welcomes you aboard by name and asks what you would like to drink before takeoff.

You’ll be departing shortly to New York, and are scheduled to arrive at the historic St.Regis luxury hotel later that afternoon…

It’s Monday morning. You’ve returned from your dream trip and you’re back at work. You’re about to teach your first class of the day, but you happen to glance down at your phone before you begin and see a text from your significant other. “I can’t wait to do this all over again next month to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you”.

The above scenario was based on actual events, and all of this was possible using points earned on everyday purchases!

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