The Best Hotels In Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

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The Best Hotels In Whistler Introduction

Whistler is one of my favourite weekend destinations given the close proximity to Vancouver. With world-class skiing, endless miles of hiking trails and walking paths, and plenty of dining options in the village, Whistler truly is a destination for all seasons. I have a bit of Olympic fever right now, so over the next few days I’ll be publishing a series of posts on what I consider to be the best hotels in Whistler (which hosted many of the alpine events in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games), along with a comparison between them with a thorough breakdown covering various aspects of each property.

While I’ve stayed at multiple hotels in various parts of the village over the years, I’ve decided to base this series on two properties only:

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Fairmont Chateau Whistler - One Of The Best Hotels In Whistler

Fairmont Chateau Whistler – One Of The Best Hotels In Whistler

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Lobby

Fairmont Chateau Whistler Lobby

Alpine Suite Bedroom

Alpine Suite Bedroom

Special Welcome Amenity

Special Welcome Amenity

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences

Four Seasons Resort And Residences - One Of The Best Hotels In Whistler

Four Seasons Resort And Residences – One Of The Best Hotels In Whistler

Four Seasons Resort Whistler Lobby

Four Seasons Resort Whistler Lobby

Executive Suite Bedroom

Executive Suite Bedroom

Special Welcome Amenity

Special Welcome Amenity

Why these two? Well, for starters, they are the only resorts I would consider ‘true luxury’ in Whistler. Secondly, they are the only two properties participating in American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts – a program I use often and value greatly for added benefits at luxury hotels.

I recently stayed in suites at both properties (booked through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts), and will be using those two experiences as the basis for the property reviews and comparisons. The individual reviews will come first and will follow the same format as my normal hotel reviews – lot’s of pictures with brief descriptions of my stay. The comparison post, however, will aim to be a bit more thorough and objective. To do this, I will break down each property in the following categories, with a weighting assigned to each:

The Room – 25 points

This is the most significant category, as who doesn’t like a nice hotel room?! Considerations will include room layout, design, quality, comfort, bathroom, etc. We will also take into account any recent updates and the variety of room categories available.

Service – 25 points

Equally as important as the room itself, service will be weighted heavily, and is an area where Whistler can be terrible due to the transient workforce. In my opinion, service is what really differentiates a good 5-star hotel from the rest, and neither property performed particularly well compared to their usual brand standards.

Amenities and Dining – 20 points

Another significant category at resort hotels, since most guests spend a a lot of time around the property. Considerations will include pool, spa, dining, and any family friendly activities.

Loyalty Recognition/FHR Benefits – 20 points

Given PointsWise is a business that talks mainly about leveraging loyalty programs, I thought this should be included. Although both participate in American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts, benefits and recognition vary between the two properties.

Location – 10 points

Location may be more important in a big city, but in a village like Whistler it’s pretty tough to be more than a few minutes from the action (save for Creekside). That said, I will look at distances from shopping, dining, ski lifts, and trails, along with hotel transportation options.

Best Hotels In Whistler Bottom Line

As anyone who visits regularly knows, separating the best hotels in Whistler from the rest of the decent properties really comes down to service and consistency. Accommodations in Whistler aren’t cheap, especially during peak periods, so anyone planning a trip should have a good idea what to expect, and ensure they are receiving maximum added value out of loyalty programs or other benefits, such as American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts.

While the basis of this comparison will be slightly subjective, I think there’s a clear winner. I’ll be sharing my thoughts over the next few posts and look forward to hearing if readers agree with my choices for the best hotels in Whistler!

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