The Beginner’s Guide To Travel Hacking

Course Objective

Learn the basics of travel hacking, including how to choose a rewards program, how to earn points faster, and how to leverage credit card offers and program promotions to travel for a fraction of the retail cost.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the three different types of travel reward points, or ‘currencies’
  • Learn what to consider when choosing which travel rewards programs to focus your efforts
  • Learn techniques to earn points easily and quickly
  • Learn the basics of your credit score, and how applying for new credit cards to take advantage of promotional offers impacts it
  • Know which products you should be considering as a beginner travel hacker
  • Understand annual fees, and how paying them can actually make sense when developing a reward strategy
  • Learn what you could do with reward points

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  September 15, 2017

  General Knowledge

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