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Best Travel Rewards Cards in Canada for 2019

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Travel Rewards Card in Canada for 2019 Choosing the best travel rewards credit card in Canada can be an exciting, but overwhelming decision to make. The lure of (almost) free travel, and laying on the beach in Hawaii can finally be a real possibility with the right card. Compare The Best Travel Reward [...]

How To Redeem Your $200 Travel Credit From American Express

If you have an American Express Platinum Card in Canada, you’ll receive an annual $200 travel credit from American Express. We already talked about what you can use your travel credit towards, as well as some important restrictions to pay attention to in our previous post: "The $200 American Express Travel Credit in Canada: A Beginner’s Guide". So if you're [...]

The $200 American Express Travel Credit in Canada: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Get The $200 American Express Travel Credit When you apply and get approved for the American Express Platinum Canada Card, you’ll receive an annual $200 travel credit. The American Express Platinum Card is arguably one of the top travel rewards credit cards in Canada. You can use your travel credit towards a single booking over $200 through: American [...]

Top 10 Questions For Travel Hacking Beginners in Canada

Travel Hacking In Canada If you want to travel better, or simply just travel more for less, you’re going to need to learn how to travel hack and get the most out of your credit card points and miles. This post is for Canadian travelers looking to use their reward points for travel, but aren't quite sure how. We'll talk [...]

How I Booked a Westcoast Luxury Hotel Trip with American Express

Pacific Northwest Luxury Hotel Road Trip Introduction Over the course of this week I'll be publishing a series of hotel reviews from a small road trip Brad and I took to celebrate the New Year! While we had originally planned to go somewhere more exotic for the Christmas break, we thought it would be cool to pack the car with [...]

How To Apply For An American Express Business Card

Introduction American Express is my favourite overall credit card provider in Canada. Not only do they offer a large selection of personal cards with good earning potential on everyday spend and industry-leading welcome bonuses, they also have a range of small business cards that can be instrumental in accumulating points quickly and easily. Many people are unaware they qualify for [...]

Is It Good Value Transferring American Express Membership Rewards To SPG?

Transferring American Express Membership Rewards To Starwood American Express is my favourite credit card issuer in Canada. Not only do they offer great cards for everyday spend, they are generally the leader when it comes to welcome bonuses. Right now they are offering a card with the highest available sign-up bonus in Canada, and another with the highest sign-up bonus [...]

PointsWise Insider – 5 Travel Hacking Myths Debunked

Introduction: Travel Hacking Myths I've always believed 'if it seems too good to be true, it probably is', which is something I hear a lot from our readers, and also from family and friends. When PointsWise was launched, I thought the biggest hurdle would be convincing people that paying credit card annual fees can almost always result in huge savings on travel, [...]

How I Used My Travel Points: Hawaii Vacation at the Marriott Wailea, Maui

Hawaii For Spring Break Introduction I just booked Hawaii for spring break using reward points for the flights and hotel, and thought I would write a post sharing how. I often get asked about reward travel over peak periods to popular destinations, and I usually encourage people to book well in advance to secure the best flights and hotel rooms. [...]

The Best Use Of Marriott Reward Points I’ve Seen

My Best Use Of Marriott Reward Points For A Hotel Stay I'm in the process of planning another journey around the world, with Paris being the primary purpose of the trip. However, because I love to fly, I'm going to take the long way there and plan to stop in Southeast Asia on the way. I have a stockpile of [...]

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